Fridge magnets

Guess where the lady bugs in queue are.. Yes yes they are magnets stuck on the refrigerator. Some years back we had gone to Corning Glass Museum near Niagara. Museum had a very big collection of blown glass items. I bought these cuties from the shop there. Only now that I got time to glue a magnet to it and put them on refrigerator. I have a moon, sun and star also.. All are cute.


Nutshell art

I am a kind of person who would keep safe all the recyclable items. I remember collecting the chocolate covers as a kid. My mom used to check out the drawers in my room and throw out the unnecessary things. Quarrels to follow.. LOL. This very old habit of mine has managed to stick with me all these years. Recently when I saved the shells of the pistachio. My husband was puzzled to see this. After some days, I made this wall hanging out of them. Glue the shells to a card board or frame. Paint it if you feel like. Thats it!!

Check out the Artonthehalfshell for more inspirations. I loved the bugs.

Some of you may have noted my absence for last month. I was too busy with multiple projects and few of my personal work. I would be regular in posting from now on. Thanks for staying with me.


Amy's Cardstock paper

The project I was working is done. Love the colors of the flowers specially. I am happy with how it came out. Now have to find a room for my new baby hehe. Heres another close up.

There are some other ideas in my mind. But I have gone kind of lazy nowadays. Got to get out of the shell and keep myself engaged.


Peep into my new project

Last week was lazy one. There was a long list of craft projects I wanted to try. Successfully I convinced myself to start with a new one. The project would hopefully finish by this weekend. The ingredients for the project include a thrown away frame and Amy Butler cardstock papers. More on the project with new pictures soon.
Hope everyone will have a great weekend.


Wallpaper coasters

New coasters on my dining table. I bought some cork and felt from the local craft shop some days back. I was planning to make some coasters out of them. As work started, I decided to use wallpaper instead of felt. There was some wallpaper borders which I got home long back with no idea how to use them. Now on to the project Coaster. I made two kinds of flower patterns. Traced on wallpaper and scissored them. Next drew the patterns on cork and worked on them. I had to be more careful with the cork as it was delicate. Later I glued the wallpaper to cork. Simpler than what I thought!! They look nice on my yellow table.